Why Travel Insurance is Important

I don't know why I read the Daily Mail, but  for once they've written something I think is a good piece of advice. In this article entitled "Motorbike accidents top list of most expensive travel injury claims for uninsured Brits - with average bill a hefty £7,000" they advise holiday makers of the need to take out travel insurance.

This is something we support wholeheartedly as we know from the number of people that call us that many accidents happen whilst on holiday. On returning to the UK holidaymakers look to recover their medical expenses only to find that it can be really difficult due to differnet international legal systems. If you travelled on a package holiday and were injured doing something provied by a British tour operator it is possible to make a claim but if you simply had an accident whilst travelling your chances can be very slim.

So we'd always advise that you take out adequate travel insurance to make sure you can recover your medical expenses, repatriation costs and loss of earning in case your injured.

Out of interest The Daily Mail article also provided some statistics on the most expensive common mishaps - not sure how the figures were obtained but they make good reading:

  • Motorbike accident: £7,161
  • Cycle accident: £6,262
  • Tripping on stairs: £2,422
  • Fall in bathroom: £2,071
  • Slipped by the pool: £1,547
  • Fall whilst walking: £1,394
  • Injured by broken glass: £1,226
  • Bitten by an animal: £247
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