The Daily Mail Moans About Compensation Claims Again

dailyfail.pngWell can you believe it some police who have been injured in the course of their work have made some claims against their employers.

The Daily Mail is outraged that between 2008 and 2012 South Yorkshire police had to pay out the grand total of £144,000 to compensate police officers (see article).

I hate these types of stories designed purely to inflame the public's sense of outrage. The article talks of an officer who made a claim for insect bites, it give no context for the type of injury the officer suffered. For all I know the officer could have suffered an extreme anaphylactic reaction that left him or her incapacitated, but from the tone of the article I'm led to believe it was something minor like a few midge bites.

This type of sensationalist journalism detracts from the great work police officers do, knowing the claims business as I do I'm really surprised that the number of claims (31) over a four year period is so low. Police officers work in a very dangerous environment and I think they should be commended for operating safely so as to avoid accidents rather than being pilloried for making a few claims.

The Daily Mail really should get a grip and focus on the bigger issues affecting the world we live in.


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