Limit to medical fees for whiplash reports

The BBC reports that the Government is continuing in its efforts to crack down on fraudulent whiplash claims, the latest method being a restriction in the costs payable for initial medical assessments of £180. (see

We agree completely with the need to prevent fraudulent claims but are a little concerned about this approach. The way the system works at the moment quite a detailed medical report is needed to move claims along and this takes times and costs money to produce. This money doesn't go into the hands of greedy lawyers but is paid to the reporting Doctor.

If we are to limit initial costs until there is some acceptance of injury we need to change the way the process works so that the initial medical report is simply used to screen claims and justify the provision of a second more detailed report which assesses the imapct of the injury. This way the costs can be contained and larger items only paid for when there is shown to be justification.

As usual the plans make some sense but they need a little more thought to make sure they work properly.

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