Aston Martin brand sues over copyright infringements

Aston Martin Lagonda (AML), the car manufacturer most famous for featuring in 11 James Bond films and serving clients such as Rowan Atkinson, is suing some of its suppliers for copying its iconic designs.

The firm claims that Envisage Group, based in Coventry, copied wheel and headlight designs, as well as the Aston Martin logo to benefit their own prototype model - priced at approximately £500,000 by Envisage and called the Speedback GT.

Aston Martin also claims that Envisage created a promotional video for the Speedback GT which uses this trademarked design, leading to confusion for Aston Martin customers.

The famous car brand, AML, also claims that the company in question has had previous access to confidential data, containing designs of all models and that the information within these files had been used without permission. All the defendants’ employees had previously signed a confidentiality agreement when entering the Aston Martin premises.

Aston Martin is asking for damages for infringement of copyright, design rights and trademarks.

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